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4 Major Accounting Challenges Faced By Insurance Industry

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The insurance industry is among the fastest growing industries in the world. But it is facing stiff competition and some major challenges, which needs to be dealt with. The biggest challenge that insurance firms are facing is the advent of technology. And it is important to formulate new business strategies to stay profitable and survive in the highly competitive business industry.

Insurance accounting is one of the major aspects that contribute to the company’s growth.

Here are some of the major accounting challenges faced by insurance agencies:

Untrained accountants – A survey found that while choosing an accountant, only 8% of small businesses took an accountant’s qualification into consideration. Untrained accountants have the narrow skill set and yet companies hire them for financial guidance and assistance. Handling accounts to them may turn out to be a serious reason impacting the company’s growth.

Unaware of the latest technology – Many insurance agencies decide to manage accounts on their own. Some of them are unaware of the latest technology/software in the market and some of them don’t know how to use the software. Such challenges somewhere hinder the business processes.

General Ledger and Invoice Accounting – Managing agency’s sales and service operation, premium and return premium management, premium invoice accounting, checking policy financial status, etc., includes difficult calculations. Such calculations are sometimes very challenging for an owner who performs accounting on its own.

The ever-changing government regulations – The taxation regulations keep on changing regularly, which is a daunting challenge for the insurance industry. In order to avoid penalties, the insurance firms need to keep an eye on these changing regulations for better accounting process.

CONCLUSION – Outsourcing accounting is a solution to all the above-explained problems. There are many virtual accounting firms that provide solutions to insurance firms for accounting issues. Cogneesol is a well-established firm providing bookkeeping and accounting for insurance business all over the globe. For insurance ventures looking for cost-cutting and revenue optimization solutions, Cogneesol is an ideal choice.

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