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  • About Cogneesol

    Cogneesol is an international business-to-business outsourcing services provider offering back-office services in multiple fields like Accounting, Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Shipping and Logistics, Retail and Wholesale, Restaurant and Hospitality, Technology and Telecom.

    Cogneesol - Back-Office Services

    • Business Outsourcing Solutions
    • Outsource Business Solutions
    • Insurance Outsourcing Services
    • Financial and Accounting Services
    • Tax Preparation Outsourcing
    • Outsource Bookkeeping Services
    • Outsource Claims Processing
    • Outsource Policy Management
    • Outsource insurance Services
    • Legal Support Outsourcing Services
    • IT Outsourcing Services
    • Media Monitoring Outsourcing
    • Data Entry Outsourcing Companies
    • Commission Management Services
    • Policy Management Services

    • An easy access to skilled professionals

    • Obtaining maximum Proficiency

    • Lowering operational costs

    • Saving time to focus on business core functions

    • Providing more flexibility to businesses


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    A Leading Global Business Process & Technology Management Company


    Mailing Address: 30 Wall Street, 8th Floor New York, NY 10005-2205


    Phone: +1 646 688 2821

  • What we Offer

    Business Outsourcing Services

    Cogneesol is a one-stop solution for all your needs concerning Financial, Accounting, Insurance, Legal, Data Management and IT outsourcing world-wide.

    Why Cogneesol

    • Extensive Professional Experience
    • Cutting Edge, Advanced and Original Approach
    • Top Notch Outsourcing Services
    • Complimentary Value Added Services
    • Security & Confidentiality
    • Diverse Client Base Worldwide
    • Dynamic Employees to Assist You to Grow
    • Competitively Priced Services
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